An alternative medicine
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An alternative medicine 

מאת    [ 20/08/2008 ]
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An alternative medicine
They say that in China you are paying to your doctor as long you are healthy. If there is a long line of people in front of a doctors door you dont really want him to take care of you because he is not a successful one and probably poor because his patience are not paying him any money.
The alternative medicine of today is the neutral medicine of the time before the industrial revolution and the progress of the 20th century. It is alternative to the hot and pressed modern reality of today and suppose to provide not only a real results in healing people but also the such needed comfort and warmth that is so missed in our cold and estranged culture that we are living in - in the modern reality the alternative medicine breaks into our lives from luck and distress that we are constantly receiving. Both medicines, the conventional and the alternative, are just representative parts of two different attitudes to the same thing that are far away from one another like the east from the west... One is more holistic in its nature and takes it under account the all complex including the soul and spirit of the person that suppose to give a purpose to the human life and the other is more dealing with specialization or a laser specific division of things that can fix in the living tissues inside the body and outside of it. And so, in our daily reality life exist those two different medicines and we, the human race, didn?t succeed yet to be a bridge between them and to combine them tighter with our life. And although they look different from one another and opposite, they are really only different parts of something much bigger that is called life. One approach is dealing with the details and forgetting that the whole is much bigger than its components, while the other one is neglecting important details on the way to God. It seems that just the human race itself can be the combined glue between those two methods and maybe in our adult times we would be able to be witnesses to the combination of a person that sits by the tree for days and trying to learn about it, from continued live experience, to a person that dedicates his precious time for researches and discoveries with unique tools that exist in the lab while both of them are recruited to a better present.
The alternative medicine is really trying to reach and touch more than the physical aspects of the human body and thats why it is more connected to our daily life and to the parts that are more to do with the human behavior; like actions, emotions and the way that the person thinks. It supposed to give an answer to the physical aspects of the human problems in specific sessions that works together with the human body like; Reflexology, Massage, Chinese medicine, Shiatsu and more and as well to give an answer to the mental emotional problems that cause a deep suffering to people with specific sessions like; Silva method, Healing, Aleksander method, Paula method and more. All of this, with a criteria that is a loan from nature and life itself.
All those insights and understandings demand from the person who deals in alternative medicine to be well knowledgeable and very well trained in his specific area of session and about life in overall, while he himself dedicates his life to his art until he will become a living tool that through him the live knowledge and the healing can past to others. We are not talking on that kind of a course or the other, neither a diploma that hanging on the wall because then the alternative medicine will be a sin in the sin of the 20th century, which is to do with the bottom line thing and achievements only. While it forgets the process itself and the way that are cleaning, adjusting and tuning the student to become the caregiver and thats why to the teacher himself.
The alternative medicine allows us uncounted ways to keep our health and to improve our life while it takes us, each one of us, as the center of the thing - every method and its way and every caregiver with his qualities. The conventional medicines taught us professionalism and the alternative caregiver should adopt to his way this professionalism, while the human warmth guides him and combines totally in his way. The bottom line for a person that suffers and comes to get help will be always the level of effectiveness of the process and the connection to his caregiver. While for us - those who want to use this way, the only thing that left is to find what the best method for us and the right caregiver.

Yossi Aflalo

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