Nine weeks of summer dream in the US
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Nine weeks of summer dream in the US 

מאת   14/04/2010 |  נצפה 1619 פעמים
Summer Dream in the USA

Working in a summer camp in United States of America, is the ultimate solution for a 9 week experience. The summer can be a work experience together with a beginning of a trip to South America. All that you will need is a good attitude for kids, and some training experience!

·      A trip around the world – Have just gotten out of the army? Still don't know what to do? You have no money for a trip to South America? The summer work can be a the start of a trip around the world, and it is surly a life time experience. From a personal experience of a camper and a counselor - all you need is an attitude.

·      An average summer camp in the USA is normally an enormous nature resort, usually with a big lake around which you will find wooden banks, an amphitheater for shows and sermons, lots of sports courts and training halls, a pool, a big dining room, and a lobby. Some have horses and riding rings, climb wall, water ski and all have a lot of green lawns.

·      Simple and easy – have you ever taught tennis, soccer, football, gymnastics, dance or swimming? You may find work in any of the many fields, and even if not: do you see yourself driving the little lawnmower? You can do a number of logistic jobs, like maintenance, driving, guarding or babysitting.

·      Personal Experience – the writer of this article has been a camper in Kutz camp, upstate New York, to which he returned 4 more times as a lifeguard, trainter, and maintenance. It says it all, doesn't it...?


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