The Way of the Warrior
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The Way of the Warrior  

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The Way of the Warrior
The Warrior spent most of his time in a silent waiting.
One who becomes a warrior knows that he must go through the desert of his life and that there are no short cuts or bypass about it. He knows that there isnt another way to purify and clean the leftovers from his ego that are still in him, and although he knows its going to be a very long way for him, he walks on it with a great love not knowing if he will make it or not or that in a moment death will make for him the greatest gesture there is and will approach him - he knows nothing. This waiting comes with the knowing that it is only a phase, just a phase in between time that was never meant to be the target itself (if he will fall now so that will be the end of his journey, but if he will keep on going and reach the end of it and succeed then he forever be free and will become a creature with a powerful supernatural forces). The warrior knows that its only a black hole that he needs to stay in until the time he will be able to go on in his way and cross to the other side to the supernova of his life.
This waiting that the warrior is being in is not a passive waiting (even though it might look like that from the outside). Its a dynamic and very active waiting while every movement and motion is well measured, every wiggle and blinking are being made with a maximum alertness which the warrior is in. Like those road robbers who await day and night in the heat of the deserts sun and in the freezing night are totally alert, alone and without any movement, waiting for the arrival of the treasure wagon. So is the warrior, totally alert, awake, sharp and ready to pick-up every single movement that is around. Nothing can escape now from his sharp senses and he is there much before any danger might occur. The whole conducting of the warrior is like a long slow dance which is in a continued flow into the end. He is not being delayed on nothing and nothing except his full presence and his deep connection inside himself does not succeed to steal his clear mind - he knows that if not, so his life might be stolen as well. And in dance like in dance, the movement is long and continued and it never ceases; he is seeing other people, earning his bread, and seems to be functioning like everyone else. Moving lightly from thing to thing, like it was a game - but in reality he is from a different movie and now he playing in the scene of his life. The sharpness and acuteness of the warrior senses and his inner intensity are at his peak. No matter at what he needs to deal now - every second that is passing he is totally there with his purpose and he knows that he must do in his daily life everything in the best way possible, so his mind won?t be distracted, so his energies won?t be wasted for things that are not in his target.
This alertness (the awake and dynamic one) of the warrior is the one that eventually will save his life in the moment of truth and in the next test hour; it is the one that will allow him to stay connected to his inner freedom, so when the time will come he can totally be released from his last chains. The warrior knows that only few manage to reach before him to the desert of their life and even lesser succeed to cross it. There is nothing in there to make his life journey easier and he knows that the odds are all against him and still it is the same first fire that in the first place caused him to start walking in this way and now burns inside him and makes his life worth while. Its this inner flame that is burning in him now and allows him to cross and survive this hells fire, but from the outside its seems that the warrior is doing nothing - like all that he is doing is just to wait...
Don Juan says that the only creature that is able to cross this bridge is the warrior: silent and un stoppable - cause he had nothing to lose; very practical and efficient - cause he has everything to earn.
Yossi Aflalo
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