Social Networks and Job Searching - Opportunity or Setback?
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Social Networks and Job Searching - Opportunity or Setback? 

מאת    [ 05/02/2011 ]
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Social Networks and Job Searching - Opportunity or Setback?


On one of my conversations with a client that contacted us through Facebook, I've recommended him to change his profile picture which was provocative and showed him on a remote beach wearing no shirt.

His response was: "Since uploading that picture, I've doubled my friends, and that what counts...". Is it really? That same client couldn't get a job for a worrying number of months.

Employers nowadays tend more and more to sort candidates using an increasing number of methods. Some of which include searching candidates in different social networks. Facebook, My Space, LinkedIn, Twitter and such, expose us at our natural, un-tailored selves.

Is there a direct connection? Questionably. Is it fair? Probably not. Should we compromise just to please potential employers? Not at any cost. Are all these questions relevant? Hardly. Keeping in mind that our main goal is finding a suitable job, we should be aware of as many factors as possible while trying to deal with them.

Those who were quick to grasp this hidden potential have already put social networks to their own advantage. A well articulated professional profile can make all the difference and single you out from other less aware candidates.

I, for one, don't think it's safe to determine that the 'Big Brother' has infiltrated the employment market just yet. Nevertheless, as job hunting being complex as it is and largely not under our influence, we should be aware, and take professional advantage of, every possible aspect which we can influence.


Wishing swift success to all you job hunters out there,


Ilil Lavi



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