Choosing location
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Choosing location 

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Prior to establishing a company the businessman should thoroughly examine the needs, as well as the possibility for business activity in the destined region and matters and considerations concerning tax planning.
Choosing a destined country for establishing an offshore company is not a trivial matter and should be preceded by a thorough examination of the objective for establishing the company. This aforementioned examination should be based on a number of criterions; the most important of which being whether the company's objective is reducing tax liabilities or other commercial and business considerations.

Issues to be examined:

Tax Issues:

Corporate Tax Rate in target country
In case the main consideration is reduction of tax burden, it is important to determine the existing tax rate in the registration country and to what kind the type of incorporations it applies to.

International Double Tax Treaties
The more Treaties for Avoidance of Double Taxation the target country is signed on there is a greater chance of enjoying tax benefits, such as withholding tax exemption etc.
In most cases, Double Tax Treaties do not exist between Tax Havens and other countries.
Extenuations/ Exemptions regarding certain types of profits
The destined country should suit the nature and location of the business activity. For example, in countries where a Territorial Tax System is applied it is important to ascertain that activity and proceeds are indeed made outside the country of registration.
Additional Local Taxing
In some countries, like the European Union, there is an additional tax for activity/consumption, like VAT or GST.
In addition, VAT file registration is optional and facilitates deductions in a number of countries besides the country of registration.

Commercial Issues:

Legal Registration Requirements
It is recommended to incorporate the company in a country where legal requirements do not impede your activity. Thus, incorporating a company in a distant country that requires an annual visit of all directors will impede management of activities and will necessitate multiple resources.

International Trade Agreements
International trade agreements existing in the destined country allow speedy and efficient activity between the destined country and the country in which the business activity actually takes place, and therefore enables savings in time as well as in money and efforts.

Local Banking Systems
In most countries there is no legal requirement for opening a bank account in the company's incorporation country. Nonetheless, if it is essential for the business to have a local bank account, then one should investigate banking systems stability, financial strength and support of new incorporations and companies.

Presence of international banks in target country
The existence of international banks constitutes an economic anchor in certain countries and actually allows you to open a bank account in the incorporation country if you choose to do so.

Specific business area regulations
Certain countries have legal restrictions regarding specific activities. Therefore, you should take strict care in advance not to choose such a destined country for incorporating and managing your company.
In addition, numerous countries prohibit activity within their boundaries unless it is performed by a local resident or company. For that reason it is important to check regulation requirements in advance in order to determine whether or not to incorporate a company.

Local market Requirements
As many markets boycott companies that are not local, it is essential to define and characterize the target clientele in advance, in order to determine if it is important to incorporate the company in a specific country rather than in another.

Level of exposure of shareholders and directors
Many countries - particularly tax havens - allow a high level of confidentiality for company holders and managers. This creates an advantage by preventing the exposure of the holders as well as a difficulty in tracking down their names through the registrar of companies.

Local communication infrastructure
Modern communication infrastructures, mainly telephone and internet, will allow you to conduct your business activity efficiently, easily and without delay.
In addition, proficiency in English in the destined country is a trivial requirement nowadays, and only a few countries have not yet assimilated the significance of international communication.

Additional infrastructures
It is important to determine the existence of the complete infrastructure needed to establish your business - sea ports, air ports, local industry etc.

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