Fired up
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Fired up 

מאת    [ 20/08/2008 ]
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Fired up
Without the fire there is nothing All the difference between a body that is sent to a burial to the one that is walking alive on the street is - the fire. When it burns its life itself and when suddenly it being extinguished then only death exists. This burning fire that keeps us alive is an automatic one, a spark of lives that ignite the first time in the darkness of our mother womb and lights our life - this fire that we got as a gift, one day will simply shut down and be extinguished. This automatic fire that ignites the body to be alive, is for us to be burned with but we simply living it just to our automatic parts, just to those which turned on from it in the first time (the brain, the lungs, the heart, the nerves and so on) and while they exist because of it we are only functioning, just a pale shadow in the background of an automatic body that exists while we are not really there. Once in a while, through a long time of darkness there is a spark of fire, usually for a short period of time; when we are falling in love, when a new baby is being born, when we win the lottery and thats about it - single dots of a weak light and the rest of the time - darkness. In a way we can say that (opposite to all life in nature) that we are all the time in a state of waiting, in a state of stand by toward starting and ignition - while in nature everything is so present and awake - full of life. If there is a fire there is everything and without it nothing exists. Nothing in nature except us humans is not in awaiting state for something to happen, everything is there and alive, everything in nature is on and then anything can happen. You can see it in the eyes, you can sense it. You can see it in a small children, there are those who are fired up about their occupation or a hobby and its magnetizing, its catchy and all of a sudden you smile, and want more and you catch fire yourself. This is how it works, the fire catches you and you are fired up, its contagious - exactly as life itself.
Through all human history there was a place of honor to that which kept the fire for the rest, the one that was charged from the community to do so - to keep the flame of the coal that could really flame just if it were fed in the right amount, just if it aloud oxygen to come in and just if it want come in contact with that which can turn it off - a duty or a task that was highly appreciated because off the high sensitivity of the fire and the gentle skill that it demands in order to be with it.
and it was in my heart like a burning fire kept in my bones Yermyhoo, k, h
Yossi Aflalo 2004

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