Gods Business
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Gods Business 

מאת    [ 20/08/2008 ]
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Gods Business
The business of God is huge and contains uncountable worlds, universes and billions upon billions of workers and all of us are in this business. Like any other business, its an economic one, which its purpose is profit of course. A bottom line, which is composed from growth, refinement and improvement of everything that exists - while whoever doesn?t stick to the conditions and not putting profits in, might lose his job and get fired.
So in this business that partially depended on its workers, there are different kinds of habitats (factories) with various kinds of workers. Planet Earth is one of them and the workers that are suppose to lead and promote that work are us, human beings - a unique kind of workers that can advance , after the end of their work here, to a better job and to continue on their line of progression into a better assignment each time.
So we live our life and in the end there is something like a selection and only those who succeed to create something new which was not here before - a new being, are joining the Board of Directors. Actually there is a very simple bargain here. If you were a productive diligent worker, there are more chances that you?ll be asked to work some more in better places....and if you were lazy, thanks but no thanks and instead of going forward youll go backward.... A different analogy for the same thing is a movie theater, which we are not sitting in the best seats - on the balcony of the ray of creation and behind us is only the moon and in front of us there are saved seats until God. And here as well the deal is very simple. If you let go of your seat because you know you are only a observer in life and not the center of the universe, so there is a good chance that you would go forward in the VIP seats. But if you are stuck and you didnt let go, you?ll be sent away backward until the moment that the main usher (death itself) will point at you with his little flashlight and will let you know that you need to go out until the reruns or maybe not.

But not only that, there is another uniqueness in this business of God and it is that not only the planet is a habitat for other lives, but also other lives themselves are habitat for other life. And this other life is us that are a habitat for the sparkling of God in this place and this sparkling is our being. And as we got a symbiosis relegation with our Planet (if She will survive so will we, if we will develop so will She). We have the same with our being - if we will allow it to grow and to be- our life will become illuminated. For this to happen, for the being to really occur and happen on the face of this earth so it will give meaning to our life, the human must let go and give up his ego and his self importance. We must evacuate place for it in order for us to be.
And like in a Tibetan memorial ceremony, when the Priest of the monastery is walking near the deceased man with a bowl of rise in his hand and is saying to the dead person you can see it but you cannot taste it... as part of the persuading process so the dead man will be convinced to let go of life, so are we, need to remind ourselves day and night that we got a wonderful place to be in, but it is not for us, that we got a life to live but it is for something else- and maybe then, if we won?t use anything, something in the end will start to use us and God?s business will start to work.
Yossi Aflalo
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