The Human Reality
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The Human Reality 

מאת    [ 22/10/2007 ]
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Taking a simple look at modern man it is possible to see, quite easily, that we weren't really supposed to function in our daily lives the way we do, with constant pressure and stress; and that man wasn't really supposed to experience life in this way, with emotional pain and depression, and certainly not just to accumulate more and more possessions.

It is plain to see that we function with only a small percentage of our potential, and this functioning is mainly automatic and based on personal interests, whilst the 'divine' parts in us do not really come to fruitition and are actually dormant. If man's potential were fulfilled at a higher percentage, he would be based on a system that is more essential, more open and more flowing - one which allows more of God to flow through it while it drains itself from waste and poisons through the automatic drainage system of the body.

Nevertheless, it seems that with the passing of the centuries we have lost the connection with ourselves and given up on the human purpose. Man began to be satisfied with much less, and his functioning, that was determined by physical and social needs, has become mainly automatic and is performed from the lower systems in him that nevertheless overlap the divine part in him, but are far lower and more limited than the divine part itself. During the course of the years these systems have become so dominant that they have become the sole rulers of our lives.

Thus, instead of us being based within our instincts (like all fauna on Earth) and so submerged inside the 'Blue Kingdom' that envelops and protects us, a kingdom that is calm and female in essence, we are based within a red and pressurizing system that is male in character and built on competitiveness, achievement and motor skills.

So instead of our emotions processing fine and concentrated energies which posses powers of healing, growth and creativity, we are based on an emotional and demanding swamp that runs our lives with infantile demands and ensures that we remain forever slaves to the constant emotional demands in us.

So instead of enabling our higher thought system to lead our lives to a creative and fertile path from within our depths, we allow the rule of our conscious mind, which ensures that we shall never be free of it and our old patterns.

What I am actually saying is that other forces have taken over our palace and man has been disgracefully banished and with him his soul, spirit and the human purpose. Our place has been taken over by real monsters and fictitious demons that fill all possible space in our system, those that have become with the passage of time into powerful entities, sole rulers over our entire kingdom.

This is an ancient process that has existed for hundreds of years and into which new children are born all the time. The Earth enables continuity to all that lives on the face of the planet, without bias, and so this terrible extortion can continue to exist, making its way into future generations. To think that all poetry, literature, dance, philosophy and actually what not has come from the lack of the inner balance caused by this miserable process, in which man himself almost isn't there.

In this situation, we have totally forgotten what it means to be submerged in the essence of ourselves. We still don't know how to allow life to happen around us. We have disconnected ourselves from the possibility that fine and unique energies will light in us the fire of life so that they, in turn, will serve us as fuel for creative activity that, in its uniqueness, can translate the power of God here, on the face of this planet.

Instead of all this, we have worked, built, fought and run the world for generations upon generations from the sewerage systems of our lives (the daily automation, swamp of emotions and the conscious mind). We refuse to awaken and prefer to continue to be submerged in a deep sleep that generates mediocrity. May no one try to show us otherwise! For we are comfortable like this.

How comfortable we are, even if it means that our lives are founded on masks, on power struggles and on violent emotional outbursts. How comfortable it is for us, even if it means that our inner lives are moldy and shallow. It is better so, when no one says a word about this. It is better so, in this comfortable and sopoforic silence, than to reveal our true faces, and should it even cross anybody's mind to awaken us - just let them try.

The Japanese, in their Haiku poetry say that it is no wonder that the mushroom is beautiful - as death lies within it.

Yossi Aflalo
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